Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology

Senior Lecturer : Dr. Cheung Man-ken

Analytical Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry 1
Introduction of functions and working principles of different apparatus for analytical chemistry with interesting visualizations and animations.
Analytical Chemistry 2
An introduction for analytical chemistry, including the principles of analytical testing and some basic quantitative concepts of chemistry.
Analytical Instrumentation
A detailed website introducing different analytical instrumentations with diagrams
NMR Course
It is a great and detailed website introducing NMR with interesting animations
NMR Intrepretation Tutorial
Use the index on the left to choose which topic you want to go.
If you feel pretty good about your knowledge of NMR, you should go directly to the exercises. If not, maybe you could visit the tutorial pages and take the included quizzes to help you remember.
Technical Info of Analytical Methodologies
Introduction of different Spectroscopic techniques, including their advantages and limitations.

Chemical Process Technology
Heat Exchanger in Bio-Chemical Process
Detailed description in Heat exchanger
Separation Technology 1
The principles of some separation processes
Separation Technology 2
The principles of some separation processes
Thermal Connection
This website explains different topics of thermodynamics. Especially, "Basic Heat Transfer Principles" allows we understand the physical concepts of heat transfer, and the part of "Application" is interesting
There are 4 parts with interesting animations:
1)Where is it Used in Chemical Engineering?
2)Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics 1
3)Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics 2
4)Separation Processes 3

Food Procesing Technology
Food Spoilage and Additives
The factors of Food Spoilage and the preventing treatments
Food Spoilage and You
Introduction of different types of Food Spoilages and Preservations. Click "What Are Bacteria, Yeasts, and Molds" to learn more Microbiological growth.
Kinetics of Microbial Inactivation for Alternative Food Processing Technologies
The detailed descriptions of Microbial Inactivation for Alternative Food Processing Technologies

General Chemistry
General Chemistry Online
The good websites of fundamental knowledge of chemistry, including searchable database, Hyperlinked notes, Featured articles and tutorials, quizzes, frequently asked questions and some interesting information for our daily life.

Industrial Electrochemistry
Batteries Today
The detailed information of the process of Batteries with introduction of different kinds of batteries with diagrams
Information on corrosion monitoring, corrosion sensors, corrosion probes, specific corrosion monitoring techniques and selected supporting corrosion theory is presented.
Douglas Plating Limited
This website contains useful information of electroplating for students
Electrochemistry Dictionary
Simple and brief definitions of words and phrases used often in electrochemistry. In some cases, a second paragraph provides further information for the "more scientifically minded."
Virtual University North
This website contains detailed information of Electrochemistry, including fundamental principles and knowledge of Industrial Electrochemistry

Inorganic Chemistry
Maple-Assisted Computational Module for Point Group Analysis of Molecular Vibration
Point Group Analysis of Molecular Vibration with visualization and animation.
What Is A Coordination Compound?
Structure, Isomerism and Crystal Field Theory of Coordination Compound with demonstration of molecular models. "Chime" plugin is required in order to view and manipulate 3D images of molucules. (Chime 2.6 can be download at

Organic Chemistry
Exercises of Stereochemistry
This web page is designed to help students of Organic Chemistry understand some concepts of stereochemistry. This is accomplished using the two types of exercises provided. One involves the classification of a given molecule as either chiral, achiral, or meso (click on the word to learn what it means). The other exercise involves the comparison of two molecules, and the determination of their relationship as enantiomers, diastereomers, constitutional isomers, non-isomers, or identical compounds
Introduction of Organic Nomenclature
A virtual textbook of Organic Chemistry with demonstration of molecular models. Chime plugin software allows user to manipulate and move by Mouse.
Quick questions and answers to test knowledge of organic reactions
The flashcards will help you learn and practice many aspects of organic chemistry.
Visual Aids for Organic Chemistry
Introduction of some topics of Organic Chemistry with shockwave movies

Links to key information data
Data for each element are divided into categories, each of which is further divided into subcategories. The categories and their subcategories are listed in the menu panel to the left. Select from that menu to display a periodic table with links to your chosen data.

Online Chemistry Calculators

  1. Unit Conversions
    You can easily convert units of energy,
    pressure, volume, temperature, mass, and
  2. The Ideal Gas calculator
    You can even mix SI units with English units and still get the right answer.
Standard Reference Database
This site provides detailed information , including structure, mass spectrum, thermochemical, thermophysical, and ion energetics data compiled under the Standard Reference Data Program.

Physical Chemistry
A Brief Review of Elementary Quantum Chemistry
The overall review of Elementary Quantum Chemistry
Physical Chemistry
Contains common equations for physical chemistry.
Physical Chemistry Links
There are many useful links.
Virtual Textbook of Liquid Crystal
Detailed description of Liquid Crystal.

Polymer and coating Science
Historical Introduction and definition, Physical Properties, different kinds of reactions of Polymers, and etc.
Technical Info of Polymers
Different technical information of polymers, for example, physical, chemical properties and so on.
The Macrogalleria of a cyberwonderland of polymer fun.
This page contains 5 levels introducing Polymers easily with interesting movies and movable diagrams
What's new on the Macrogalleria site
Links of different interesting sites related Polymers

Research Topics : Asymmetric Synthesis
The First Formal Asymmetric Synthesis of Phorbol
Animation of the Epic Transformation of Molecule 13 to Molecule 16
The latest information at asymmetric synthesis.

Research Topics : Biodegradable Polymers

Synthetic Biodegradable Polymers as Medical Devices
Detailed information of different biodegradable polymers, including their properties, applications, synthesis and so on.

Research Topics : Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering
Crop Genetic Engineering cycle
An animated illustration of each step in the Crop Genetic Engineering cycle
Fermentation : A BioMi 290/291 MicroWeb Movie Page
Introduction of glycolysis with animation showing how fermenting cell re-oxidizes its NADH
Genetic Engineering animation
Introduction of the following topics with shockwave movies:
1) Polymerase Chain Reaction
2) Southern Blotting
3) Cycle Sequencing
4) DNA Detective
5) Three Polymorphisms
6) Ac/Ds Transposition
Graphics Gallery
The website is a series of labeled diagrams with explanations representing the important processes of biotechnology. Each diagram is followed by a summary of information, providing a context for the process illustrated.
Microbial Fermentation
Click the box of "Protein Production of Microbial Fermentation" to start
the animation of process of microbial fermentation.
Monoclonal Antibody Production
Introduction of the Monoclonal Antibody Production with diagrams

Research Topics :
The latest information at Chirotechnology. Click on the image or picture to learn more.

Research Topics :
Green Chemistry

Greening Across The Chemistry Curriculum
A detailed website of introduction to green chemistry and nine green chemistry teaching modules. Each of the modules will have three parts:

  • "The module" - this is where the green chemistry topic is discussed and the instructor will have her students go to the web page to read and study the material.
  • "Notes to Instructors" - suggests how and where the particular module could be used in a particular course, and other courses in which the module might also be used.
  • "PowerPoint Presentation" - this can be downloaded by the instructor and the students. This can then be used by the instructor to present the material, and by the students to take notes.
Green Chemistry
A detailed website introducing Green Chemistry with many related links

Research Topics :
poly(3-hydroxy alkanoates)
Research Approach of producing poly(hydroxyalkanoates)
A detailed website reporting the proposed research using microorganism to produce poly(hydroxyalkanoates).